For more than 30 years Child Care Now has brought together parents, child care workers, researchers, organizations and citizen groups to call for federal leadership and public investment in a high quality, inclusive child care system that is accessible to all families. More than ever, we rely on memberships and donations to enable us to continue our work.

As a member of Child Care Now you will be supporting the Association to continue its important advocacy work for the right of all children to quality child care.

As a non-profit, member-based organization, our members are critical to the work we do to achieve a system of universal, affordable, high quality and inclusive child care.

If you or your organization believe…

  • Child care is a cornerstone of supportive policy for children and families, and is essential to Canada’s social and economic health 
  • Children and families have the right to access a child care system supported by public funds
  • Canadians deserve a comprehensive and affordable child care that is high quality, inclusive, flexible, and primarily public and not-for-profit
  • Families need  a range of child care services for young and school age children
  • Those working in child care must have decent work, wages and working conditions

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As a Member of Child Care Now Nova Scotia you will…

  • Join a growing movement of educators, directors, parents, researchers, advocates, and community members
  • Receive and contribute to newsletters and other electronic updates about child care issues in Nova Scotia
  • Have a voice in shaping the child care advocacy movement in Nova Scotia
  • Receive invitations to work with, hear from, and collaborate with fellow advocates in the sector
  • Access the opportunity to apply for a position on our Steering committee and participate in our working groups
  • Benefit from membership with Child Care Now, our pan-Canadian advocacy organization
  • Be the first to access resources, reports, and other important statements about child care policy in Nova Scotia
  • And importantly, work alongside thousands of others dedicated to advocating for the universal, comprehensive, affordable, accessible, publicly funded, quality, non-profit child care system that Nova Scotians deserve.