What We Do


Child Care Now Nova Scotia serves as a cross-sectoral, province-wide, membership-based coalition dedicated to advocating for a universal, comprehensive, publicly funded, high quality, affordable, accessible, accountable, and non-profit Early Learning and Child Care system in Nova Scotia. We offer public commentary and opinion on regionally representative issues that relate to child care and serve as an evidence based educational resource for Nova Scotians.

Key Activities

  • Promote a vision of early learning and child care (ELCC) based on child care as a right of every child
  • Monitor and respond to policy developments
  • Raise public awareness of child care
  • Support provincial and territorial initiatives in line with our policy aims
  • Work with federal opposition parties to keep child care on the public agenda
  • Respond to the growing threat of commercial child care centres

Public Education

We strive to keep Nova Scotians informed about the latest news on child care issues and advocacy — provincially and across the country.

Child Care Now Nova Scotia prepares a range of fact sheets, backgrounders and briefs on key issues; and responds to sector announcements with evidence-based, community informed facts.

Political Action

Child Care Now Nova Scotia organizes activities, initiates campaigns and works with other cross-sectoral and pan-Canadian organizations to raise the profile of child care as a political issue and build capacity across the province.

We develop proposals for federal and provincial government action, advocate through briefs and submissions to government and lobby all major federal and provincial parties. We respond to the growing threat from commercial child-care centres and we work with partner organizations to support initiatives that encourage the well-being of Canadian families including social justice campaigns related to poverty, women, education and health.